[OT?] Free Hardware!

Cliff cliffo at u.washington.edu
Mon Mar 5 01:59:50 PST 2001

First come first serve...

I have a Toshiba 1200XE laptop up for grabs...this baby sports 1(one)
meg of RAM, a 20Meg hard drive, monochrome lcd screen, and the "all new"
(for those that were too young to care when this came out :) Intel
80286C processor.

Special bonus: In addition to all documentation and a nice carrying
case, the keyboard has a dragon on the blade...oh, I mean the keyboard
has <ctrl> where the <caps lock> key is (aka Sun keyboard style).

Software includes Word Perfect for DOS as well as a terminal emulation
program among others. DOS is version 4.01.

One of the cool things that could be done might be hooking this bad boy
up to an embedded linux device via the serial port.

Get it while it still has a battery charge :)


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