[OT?] Free Hardware!

Jeff Silverman jeffs at kant.ee.washington.edu
Mon Mar 5 09:15:09 PST 2001

Cliff wrote:

> First come first serve...


> I have a Toshiba 1200XE laptop up for grabs...this baby sports 1(one)

> meg of RAM, a 20Meg hard drive, monochrome lcd screen, and the "all new"

> (for those that were too young to care when this came out :) Intel

> 80286C processor.


> Special bonus: In addition to all documentation and a nice carrying

> case, the keyboard has a dragon on the blade...oh, I mean the keyboard

> has <ctrl> where the <caps lock> key is (aka Sun keyboard style).


> Software includes Word Perfect for DOS as well as a terminal emulation

> program among others. DOS is version 4.01.


> One of the cool things that could be done might be hooking this bad boy

> up to an embedded linux device via the serial port.


> Get it while it still has a battery charge :)


> Cliff

I'd like it - where might I get it?


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