setting up IMAP

Shawn A. Wilson lannocc at
Tue Mar 13 22:17:49 PST 2001

I recently installed the imap-2001.BETA.tar.Z package for IMAP support,
but since I am somewhat of a newbie I'm having some problems.

First, I AM able to connect to the IMAP server box from a remote computer
with an IMAP client (such as M$ Outlook). However, the connection
consistently gets closed within 60 seconds.

Second, the IMAP daemon uses the same inbox as the 'mail' program
(/var/spool/mail/$USER), which I don't want because the 'mail' program
moves the messages to a different file once read. I want mail received on
the system to go to a different inbox used by the IMAP daemon. Is that
possible? Or can i just disable the 'mail' command?


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