Getting started with Samba

Jonathan Gardner gardner at
Fri Mar 16 10:29:37 PST 2001

Okay, I am *not* a network administrator. I am however completely satisfied with
Linux as a desktop platform, and I find that I am using windows hardly at all

Problem is that everyone else is using windows, and they set up an office NT
server. So if I want to be able to access the shared data and stuff, I have to
be able to use the windows network.

Sounds like a job for Samba, right? Well, maybe I'm lazy or maybe I know too
little about windows networks (and not enough about linux yet!), but where do I
get started? Is it easy to set up just a client and start browsing their files
and using their printers? Anyone had a good experience with Samba?

Also, if you can use a linux box as an NT Server through samba, maybe we can
have all those web pages and scripts on our development servers available
through the windows network to the windows boxes - rather than forcing them to
use SSH to edit the files directly or FTP to move files back and forth. Is it
as easy/easier/not much more difficult to get a samba server set up, or just to
share files on the windows network with a linux box?

I got the "Using Samba" book, but it is much more detail than I think I need.

Jonathan Gardner
gardner at
(425)820-2244 x123

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