chinese language in linux.

Slowping jingsu at
Sat Mar 24 09:59:04 PST 2001

Hey All,

I've been trying desperately to get chinese text to display under X for a
long time now, resisting the temptation to ask the group. But, I've hit a
dead end and need some fresh ideas.

I've got a whole slew of chinese fonts installed in my system, with all
the correct fonts.dir and fonts.alias files set up. All the fonts list
under xfontsel, but they don't display anything when I select them. I
assume this is okay?

Anyways, I've successfully gotten chinese to work in emacs using the built
in MULE packages. But, I can't get chinese display anywhere
else. WindowMaker won't print any chinese, GTK won't print any chinese,
and not even QT will print any chinese for me.

Anyone gotten this to successfully work? I've read and re-read the
chinese howtos too many times to count and I might be missing something
obvious. HELP!

I'm running on the 2.2 kernel, using XFree4 on a Voodoo Banshee.


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