Linux Bootable Business CDs

Jeff Silverman jeffs at
Sat Mar 24 23:19:27 PST 2001


I stumbled across this link
It is a bootable linux CD
about the size and shape of a business card which contains what linuxcare
thinks you need on a Linux machine. The implications are staggering - one
could, in theory, sashay into a library, boot linux off of this thing,
hack to your heart's content, and then slip away and none the wiser. If
it has ssh, then any PC could become an SSH client. Or if you were
walking down the street and some idiot asks you what is the coolest OS on
the planet you could whip out your linux BBC and prove it.

Justin Clayton wants 47, which seems an odd number to me, but that's
Justin for you.

I propose to nominate myself as the UW Linux User Group Special
Officer in Charge of Acquiring Weird Things, and, under the authority
thereby granted to me by the R.C. of W., ask them politely if they will
send us some. Does anybody object to this ruse? How many BBC CDs should
I ask for?


-- Jeff Silverman, PC guy, Linux wannabe, Java wannabe, Software engineer,
husband, father etc. See my website: jeffs at

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