Linux Bootable Business CDs

Andrew Poliakov poliakov at
Sat Mar 24 23:51:17 PST 2001

Jeff Silverman wrote:

> I stumbled across this link

> It is a bootable linux CD

> about the size and shape of a business card which contains what linuxcare

> thinks you need on a Linux machine.

I had one in my wallet for over a year now, and picked a fresh one
recently. It sais: Warning, for linux experts only, but it does give you
instructions on how to do a few things. I used it on several occasions to
fix a machine that would not boot.

> The implications are staggering - one

> could, in theory, sashay into a library, boot linux off of this thing,

> hack to your heart's content, and then slip away and none the wiser.

I heard that hard drives in public libraries are purged on a weekly basis.


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