Linux Bootable Business CDs

Mike mike at
Sun Mar 25 02:48:04 PST 2001

I only object if you get some and don't give me any. You could say we
have 100 members and want to give each of them a card. I'd only want 1
for novelty purposes.

As for usefulness, I'd argue that LRP or another floppy-based solution
would work better for a larger number of people. Giving Linux, on any
media, to a newbie isn't going to make it particularly friendly or easy to

The whole business card/CD is a clever social hack, but I don't see the
practicality there. Unless they can bend like a credit card in your

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On Sat, 24 Mar 2001 at 23:19, Jeff Silverman wrote:



| I stumbled across this link

|It is a bootable linux CD

| about the size and shape of a business card which contains what linuxcare

|thinks you need on a Linux machine. The implications are staggering - one

|could, in theory, sashay into a library, boot linux off of this thing,

|hack to your heart's content, and then slip away and none the wiser. If

|it has ssh, then any PC could become an SSH client. Or if you were

|walking down the street and some idiot asks you what is the coolest OS on

|the planet you could whip out your linux BBC and prove it.


| Justin Clayton wants 47, which seems an odd number to me, but that's

|Justin for you.


| I propose to nominate myself as the UW Linux User Group Special

|Officer in Charge of Acquiring Weird Things, and, under the authority

|thereby granted to me by the R.C. of W., ask them politely if they will

|send us some. Does anybody object to this ruse? How many BBC CDs should

|I ask for?


| Jeff


|-- Jeff Silverman, PC guy, Linux wannabe, Java wannabe, Software engineer,

|husband, father etc. See my website:

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