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Tue Mar 27 00:51:45 PST 2001

On Mon, 26 Mar 2001, 'Robin' R. Battey wrote:

> I'd like a couple. I've made wallet-sized linux bootable cd's before, but

> not business card size. I'd be really interested in getting a few

> burnable cd's of that size and shape.


> Cheers,

> -robin

There are a whole brunch of places online that sells them:

Just a quick example to show how big a variety of cards there are; each
with different data capacities (depending on how the discs are cut).

As long as there's a center disc ring for *MOST* CD-ROM drives to grip
onto, and as long as the disc is relatively balanced for rotational
motion, it works fine. The Japanese had been doing this for CD-Singles
for years - heart shape CDRs are a big craze over there for Valentine's
day. But then again, audio CDs don't spin anywhere near as fast as a
Plextor SCSI 12X CDR...

I wonder how well Midori Linux ( would work on

-=- Terence


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