Benjamin Honsinger Honsinger at whs.wsd.wednet.edu
Wed Mar 28 14:55:30 PST 2001

df claims that I am only using 93% of my 540MB HDD. Would that be causing my
problems with X-windows? I have a bigger HDD I am planning to swap in
eventually, but the real problem I have right now is with getting X to work.
The computer is used almost exclusively for web browsing, so without netscape
it is kinda useless. I did actually get X to work by using a default of
runlevel 3, but switching to runlevel 3 after booting into runlevel 5 did not
work for some reason. So now my real question is how to get linux to work
properly in runlevel 5 (as mentioned before, it would appear to accept a login,
then just go back to the login screen).

- Ben

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, you wrote:

> What does the command df report? That will tell you how much disk space

> is free on each of your mounted partitions. It could be that your home

> partition (if it isn't huge) is full. With a small one (I used to use

> 100M and a seperate partition for all of my actual data) netscape will

> fill it up with it's cache even though you tell it to limit itself.


> -Jeff


> On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Benjamin Honsinger wrote:


> > Something strange is happening. I have a computer that before today worked

> > fine, and nothing has been changed on it. It is setup to start on runlevel 5,

> > and that works. However, when you login, it looks like it is going to work

> > (changes screen, etc) but it switches back to the graphical login.

> > So I tried booting in runlevel 3, but then when I type startx I get

> >

> > xauth: error locking /home/student/.Xauthority

> > hostname: unknown host

> > Perhaps you do not have console ownership?

> >

> > The same thing happens when I try and run x as root, except it doesn't ask the

> > question about console ownership. This has me stumped. I've nosed around on the

> > Xfree86 web page, and in the LDP, but I haven't found anything useful. Anyone

> > have some suggestions I could try, they would be appreciated! =) Just as a

> > note, it if matters I think I am running dangerously low on disk space. And

> > also, I believe the error X gives is errno 111.

> >

> > - Ben

> >

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