Memory Carnivore

WebMasterP webmasterp at
Thu Mar 29 13:02:40 PST 2001

I'm using Mandrake 7.2
System Specs:
Dual Celeron 550 MHz
640 MB of SDRAM CAS2 (256+256+128) (It's Corsair, so it's good stuff)
DLink 530TX+
12GB Quantum Fireball CR (5400 RPM, ATA/66)

Ok, here's what my server's doing:
-I'm running 2 Counter Strike Servers (don't take advantage of SMP well, not
too important though)
-I'm hosting a forum, the forum uses sendmail so I have that daemon running
-The forum uses perl as well, so I have that setup
-I'm also hosting 2 stat pages for 2 of the servers (These pages aren't
extremely popular, 100 pages displayed a day, IF THAT)

Now, here's my problem
when I check my free memory (with either 'top' or 'free') it says I have
between 150MB and 3MB left (90% of the time it's closer to 3MB) What is

I have everything else shut down! I shutdown xfs (X Font Server), gpm (Mouse
Server), PHP is shutdown, any pretty much EVERY service I'm not using.
Also, I'm still using 2.2.14-17 (mdk-secure) because I can't get 2.4.2 to
work right ;(, but I'll deal with that later.

Any suggestions?


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