Memory Carnivore

J. Kyllo jkyllo+lug at
Thu Mar 29 13:17:59 PST 2001

Well, one possibility is that there's a lot of stuff being
cached/buffered. I have an epplet for enlightenment telling me that I'm
using 95M of ram while top says I'm using 124M of my 128M. Top also shows
35M shared and 3M buffered so that's probably it. A lot of times you'll
got tons of stuff cached or buffered by the kernel in case that data can
be used instead of loading it from the harddisk. Hope this fragment


On Thu, 29 Mar 2001, WebMasterP wrote:

> Hi,

> I'm using Mandrake 7.2

> System Specs:

> Dual Celeron 550 MHz

> 640 MB of SDRAM CAS2 (256+256+128) (It's Corsair, so it's good stuff)

> DLink 530TX+

> 12GB Quantum Fireball CR (5400 RPM, ATA/66)


> Ok, here's what my server's doing:

> -I'm running 2 Counter Strike Servers (don't take advantage of SMP well, not

> too important though)

> -I'm hosting a forum, the forum uses sendmail so I have that daemon running

> -The forum uses perl as well, so I have that setup

> -I'm also hosting 2 stat pages for 2 of the servers (These pages aren't

> extremely popular, 100 pages displayed a day, IF THAT)


> Now, here's my problem

> when I check my free memory (with either 'top' or 'free') it says I have

> between 150MB and 3MB left (90% of the time it's closer to 3MB) What is

> wrong!!!!!


> I have everything else shut down! I shutdown xfs (X Font Server), gpm (Mouse

> Server), PHP is shutdown, any pretty much EVERY service I'm not using.

> Also, I'm still using 2.2.14-17 (mdk-secure) because I can't get 2.4.2 to

> work right ;(, but I'll deal with that later.


> Any suggestions?


> Regards,

> WebMasterP



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