email - delivery retry timeouts

Mike mike at
Thu Mar 29 13:50:04 PST 2001

This is only related to Linux in that I've got a Linux server running
sendmail which will be out of service for about 1 day. The rest of my
question is email specific. If this makes you unhappy, stop reading now.

Tomorrow the power is going to be out at my apartment for about 8 hours
(sh!t, due to construction across the street). Since I receive email via
my "server" at home, the server will be unresponsive for that amount of

I've only got one MX for my domain. My question is whether I should:

A) try to put together a secondary (caching) MX for tomorrow's
B) will other email servers cache messages for me (as in get a bounce and
wait to retry delivery) and redeliver them when I'm back online?

I'm not sure which RFCs to read about this (if there is in fact a standard
for redelivery timeouts), and finding out which one might be a painstaking
process. Thanks to those who might offer assistance.

-=<(| mike at |)>=-

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