Installing Windows after Linux

'Robin' R. Battey zanfur at
Thu Mar 29 17:01:16 PST 2001


You can do it, but you have to be careful. First off, you have to take
out your linux drive temporarily and install windows on the second drive.
It will, of course, overwrite whatever master boot record is there. Make
sure that if you do use linux fdisk that you only have one primary and one
extended, and that they're partition numbers one and two, respectively
(the linux drive can have whatever, though).

Then, when you set up lilo on your linux drive (which was *not*
overwritten because you were smart and took out the drive while
installing windows), add a section like the following to it:

other = /dev/hdd1
label = windows
table = /dev/hdd

(this is assuming that you've placed the windows drive as /dev/hdd,
replace it with wherever the drive really is).

Lilo should now be able to boot the drive. Windows doesn't see the linux
partitions, because it ignores all "non-dos" partitions. Lilo will run,
because its what's actually on the master drive. Everything is happy.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, C. Mills wrote:

> Has anyone tried installing windows 98 after linux? Everything I have

> read says not to do it.

> CHarlie




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