[linux] meeting?

Jen Barrick laeren at u.washington.edu
Thu May 1 09:04:28 PDT 2003

More voting in... Every single time these things go on, they're always on
days I can't make it, so I figured I should actually chime in...

I'd say NOT 5/8 or 5/22. Thursdays with the not so goodness.

Mondays and Wednesdays are golden.


1 May 2003 ni, uchuukuukan de D. Whitlock kara, kono meseji tsuita:


> > I say just throw out some dates. most days other than Tuesdays.

> > Though Fridays I typically prefer to be outside than inside geeking.

> >

> > -richard


> Okay, 5/12 or 5/14 for week after next, 5/19 or 5/22 for three weeks

> out, or we can just have sudden chaos and go for next week 5/5 or 5/8.

> That way none of these bump into dates given ealier by Mark. I think

> 7pm is a good time to pitch. Most of us are out of classes/work by

> then, and the rooms available.


> Speak up now, or... well, nows the time to speak up, anyway.


> -David



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