[linux] [Fwd: Student Linux System Administrator position available...]

Andrew Parker zaphod42 at u.washington.edu
Tue May 20 12:09:39 PDT 2003

Sorry for the offtopic post, but I thought that people here might be
interested in this. This is actually my current job, but I'll be
graduating at the end of this quarter and leaving soon so they are
looking for someone to take over. It is a good place to work and the
pay is good.

Andrew Parker

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> From: Adam Garrett <garrett at u.washington.edu>

> To: netsys at atmos.washington.edu, Distributed computing support <lanadmin at u.washington.edu>

> Subject: Student Linux System Administrator position available...

> Date: 16 May 2003 11:52:25 -0700


> Hi. I am looking for a student computer support assistant who can provide

> RedHat Linux support for our Healthlinks website

> (http://healthlinks.washington.edu) and Primeanswers website

> (http://www.primeanswers.org) over the summer and into the next academic

> year. Type of duties include System Administration (new patches/fixes,

> etc), Web server administration (apache updates, SSL/pubcookie, cgi

> scripts/forms, etc). Site consists of 4 RedHat Linux servers, 2 Win2k

> ColdFusion/MS SQL server in a cluster environment. This position will be

> more heavily weighted on the Linux side than the Windows side.


> More information: http://www.primeanswers.org/primeanswers/studentjob.html


> If you are interested, please reply to colec at u.washington.edu. This is a

> student position -- serious inquires only please.


> Thanks.


> -Adam


> Adam R. Garrett, U.W. Health Sciences Libraries & Info Center

> T220 Health Sciences Center email: garrett at u.washington.edu

> Box 357155 phone: 206-616-4142, fax: 206-543-8066

> Seattle, WA 98195-7155 http://staff.washington.edu/garrett



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