[linux] Ethernet Bonding

Matt Barclay mbarclay at openfbo.com
Wed May 21 11:57:11 PDT 2003


I'm trying to use linux-2.4.20 ethernet bonding to increase the throughput
on a wireless link. Bonding a Lucent Orinoco Silver and a National
Semiconductor DP83815 Ethernet controller (in a Soekris net4521 machine)
causes kernel panic. Bonding two DP83815 controllers silently fails to
work at all. I'm using the documentation in
linux-2.4.20/Documentation/networking/bonding.txt. It says to do:

modprobe bonding
ifconfig bond0
ifenslave bond0 eth0
ifenslave bond0 eth1

After doing that, ifconfig should report eth0 and eth1 in SLAVE mode, but
does not. bond0 is correctly reported in MASTER mode, but bond0 does not
aquire a MAC address and remains 0'ed unless I run ifenslave with the '-E'
option to forcefully enslave and copy IP and MAC addresses.
Unforunately, this does not fix the link. Nor does setting the MAC
address with 'ifconfig bond0 hw ether XX:XX:XX:XX:XX'. ifconfig fails
with "device or resource busy".

I have mirrored this setup on a second Soekris net4521 for testing with
identical hardware, and using cross over cables between the two machines.
I have verified that both ethernet controllers work on both machines.

Anyone with bonding experience? Please adivse! Thanks!


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