[linux] Fwd: [Mac Users] Meeting Today

Richard Lotz rlotz at u.washington.edu
Wed May 28 14:46:49 PDT 2003

I'm talking about wireless security for the MUG today, in HUB204N.

I'm not really discussing anyways to pimp out your machine, other than
perhaps an SSH tunnel or two. If anyone wants to come by feel free.

I plan to do another presentation with more focus on demonstration of
the client vulnerabilities and solutions for the LUG in the future.
Perhaps this early this summer if enough people will still be around.

Begin forwarded message:

> The meeting will be tomorrow at 3:30 in HUB 204N. Richard Lotz will be

> talking about why you should be concerned about network security, and

> how to pimp out your machine to take advantage of (what appear to be)

> some pretty cool OS X features in that regard. Should be great!


Richard Lotz
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