[linux] Ghosting Linux Machines

Peter Abrahamsen peidran at u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 11 14:55:44 PDT 2003

You could probably write a shell script to set the IP address (if you're not
on DHCP), /etc/hostname, and /etc/hosts. I'm not sure you'd need anything
else - maybe your mailname if you're running an MTA. Depending on your
distro, there might already be a program for doing this kind of thing. You
could include a call to your shell script or program in a boot-up script,
along with a command to delete the script. Shouldn't be much work.

If you're using DHCP, I don't think you'd really need to do anything.

Oh, except if you're using sshd, in which case you'll want to generate new
host keys. Many distros do this automatically if they don't exist. If you're
running one of those, just make sure the host keys aren't on your ghost

Hope that was helpful,


On Thu, Sep 11, 2003 at 01:49:03PM -0700, Tristan Burch wrote:

> I'm having trouble ghosting a machine that is dual booting Windows XP and

> Redhat 9.0. I know in windows you have to run sysprep to get the machine a

> unique SID. Is there anything like this for linux?

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