[linux] Ghosting Linux Machines

Tristan Burch tburch at u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 11 15:26:30 PDT 2003

The machines (Dell Dimension 8250) are exactly the same. The original works
flawlessly, but when I ghost the new machine, I run into one problem. Each
user's home directory is stored remotely and after ghosting the machine, the
new machine is no longer able mount the user's home directory. I've tried to
mount the user's home directory manually, which doesn't work; doing this
gives permission denied error. The firewall is off, IP tables are off, and
all the setting are exactly the same as the working machine (different IPs
and hostnames). The server has the machines IP in exports file on the
network server.


Tristan Burch
tburch at u.washington.edu

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On Thursday 11 September 2003 13:49, Tristan Burch wrote:

> I'm having trouble ghosting a machine that is dual booting Windows XP

> and Redhat 9.0. I know in windows you have to run sysprep to get the

> machine a unique SID. Is there anything like this for linux?

What exactly would you need unique on the Linux side of things? There
isn't really a concept of a SID within Linux that I'm aware of..

Can you expand a bit on "trouble" ?

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