[linux] Connecting to Dante's FTP server

Andrew Sengul aesengul at u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 18 21:01:42 PDT 2003

Hey everyone,

I've been trying to figure out a way to connect to Dante's SSH FTP
server under Linux, but haven't been having much luck. I can SSH in
just fine, but attempts to connect with gftp and axyftp have met with
failure. I've tinkered with the settings and tried to emulate the UWICK
SSH app as closely as possible, but I haven't had any luck. Gftp simply
displays its connection message, says "Connecting..." and eventually
gives up with no further explanation. Axyftp does much the same thing,
but it displays no error messages or console output. Command line SSH
programs have met with failure as well. Has anyone had success logging
into Dante's FTP server, and if so, with what program? Thanks.


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