[linux] Connecting to Dante's FTP server

Andrew Sengul aesengul at u.washington.edu
Fri Sep 19 12:25:13 PDT 2003

Mark L. Chang wrote:

>sftp host -l username

>is not valid syntax for sftp - an unfortunate inconsistency.


I discovered that for myself a little while ago, but then was successful
connecting to Dante using sftp username at dante.u.washington.edu and then
giving my password when prompted. So now I can at least connect, but
it's troublesome having to write out full paths for downloaded files. I
tried to change the settings in gftp so that it would run sftp rather
than ssh, but gftp insists on entering its long string of arguments that
make sftp choke. In response to other posts, I have been using ssh2
whenever I attempted to connect with gftp. Well, if anyone knows about
other GUI-based solutions, I'd appreciate hearing about them, but sftp
will provide what I need for the moment. Thanks.


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