[linux] Connecting to Dante's FTP server

Andrew Sengul aesengul at u.washington.edu
Fri Sep 19 18:32:52 PDT 2003

Evan Martin wrote:

>On Fri, Sep 19, 2003 at 09:55:15AM -0700, Andrew Sengul wrote:


>>There was an error initializing a SSH connection with the remote server.

>>The error message from the remote server follows:

>>Fontconfig warning: line 245: Disconnecting from site dante.u.washington.edu



>ssh should definitely never be using fontconfig, as that's a client-side

>library for font management. It's only used by GTK right now (maybe KDE? I

>don't follow them too closely), which means this error (if it really is

>something related to fontconfig) is caused by a GTK app on your end--

>possibly ssh-askpass, and possibly your GUI sftp client. Try running

>both of them without connecting to dante and see if you can reproduce

>the error.


>My gut feeling is that if it is your sftp client, it's probably trying

>to load a monospaced font to display the status or an error message and

>that's where it's failing. But that is a wild guess. :)



Ok, I changed the settings for ssh and got that error message out of the
way... but the fontconfig errors are still appearing. Here are some
lines from gftp's console output that may be helpful:

Fontconfig warning: line 245: invalid edit binding "same"
Fontconfig warning: line 257: invalid edit binding "same"

It appears that the problem is with the ssh-askpass utility, which
causes the same errors to appear when I run it by itself. And I already
have the latest version installed... I've looked at the fontconfig man
pages, but it's a very low-level utility with little help available, and
I don't think it would be a good idea for me to try tinkering with it.


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