[linux] Re: RedHat and The Future of Linux...

Travis Saling trav at u.washington.edu
Tue Sep 23 17:36:19 PDT 2003

> I think this Tom Callaway fellow from RedHat is a little rude, or at

> least, he seems to think that Linux users are all blood-sucking

> vampires. I can certainly understand the rationale of needing to make

> money, but I get the impression that the Fedora thing is just a way of

> keeping the Linux diehards quiet.

I've got to disagree. Whenever a Linux distribution (we'll call them
"xxxx") makes changes in an attempt to move towards a sustainable
business model, people are always saying "I understand Linux distributor
xxxx needs to make money..." and it's always followed by "but". If they
want to exist, they need to make money, period. The previous system was
not working financially, plain and simple. Most people were not paying
for Red Hat Linux (and yes, I subscribed for the first time last fall
after freeloading for a couple years). A company just cannot afford to
keep spending significant amounts of money on what is in effect a free

Mr. Callaway was being more blunt than most people like, but frankly he
seemed to be telling it like it is.

Some people want Linux to remain strictly a hobbyist's operating system,
and that is certainly a valid point of view. But I believe if we want
Linux to really make inroads against the current hegemony, we need
businesses like Red Hat to become viable over the long term.

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