[linux] Debian Install: 1 CD

Phillip Garland pgarland at u.washington.edu
Wed Sep 24 15:11:32 PDT 2003

> There are three versions of standard Debian around at most times:


> stable boring, dated and reliable (currently 3.0 aka woody)

> ..only security updates.


> testing Not cutting edge but generally useable and stable

> especially towards the end of the cycle


> unstable Adventure with every update!


> When "testing" moves to "stable", "unstable" moves to "testing" and

> a new "unstable" makes its appearance.

That's not quite correct. When a major release is planned, a snapshot of Testing is made and
named Frozen and only bug fixes are allowed to it. When a release is made, Frozen becomes
Stable. Unstable doesn't move automatically to Testing. To be in Testing, a package has to
meet a few requirements. It must:

a) build on all architectures that Debian will support in the next major release
b) have fewer Release-Critical bugs than the version of the package currently in Testing.
c) can't depend on a package in Unstable
d) have been in Unstable for a certain time period
e) not break other packages in Testing


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