[linux] Debian Install: 1 CD

Doug McLean dougmc at u.washington.edu
Wed Sep 24 17:04:35 PDT 2003

Ah, a good point, but suppose I need one application that is on CD 4 or

Ok, I now I am just being silly. I will try Debian soon and get back to
you all. :)

B. Bell wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Doug McLean wrote:



>>Debian's netboot CD installation is all well and good for folks who have

>>fast Internet connections, but I use good ol' UW dial-up modem and will

>>have to do so until better paying job opportunities occur (or my

>>consulting business picks up...not likely).


>>So for me, its 6 CDs or nothing.



> The point is, if you actually burn all 6 cd's and sit down to install,

> you'll more likely than not find out that 90% of what you need is on #1,

> the rest is on 2 or 3, and the rest are just coasters. So no, you won't

> need 6 cd's.


> -brad

Doug McLean
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