[linux] System lockouts

Peter Abrahamsen peidran at u.washington.edu
Wed Sep 24 19:45:15 PDT 2003

So, I have a pretty frustrating problem. I've got an Athlon XP box running
Gentoo, 2.4.21, openldap (for authentication only), vcron, metalog, apache2,
exim, sshd, and a few other goodies.

Every once in a while - every couple weeks, nowadays - the system will lock
me out. Everything's still running. If I had the forsight to leave a console
logged in locally, I can see that instances of exim, ldap and cron (showing as
/USR/SBIN/CRON in ps output, if I remember correctly) - more than usual. ssh
connections freeze after I give my password, or after it does pubkey auth if
I'm using a key. Local logins time out. If I've left a console open, I am
unable to get to my LDAP server.

Now, all this points to some brokenness in slapd. The thing is, if I killall
slapd, zap the init script, and start it again, slapd starts up, but I still
can't talk to it. If I run 'reboot', nothing much happens. A
three-finger-salute will do the trick, eventually.

I've lowered the CFLAGS optimization and am now re-emerging the entire
system, but they weren't that high to begin with
- just the recommended values (-mcpu=athlon-xp -O3, -fpipe). I dropped -O3
to -O2. Perhaps I should drop -mcpu, too?

My trouble is, I have no idea how to go about figuring what's going on. I'm
not much of a C coder, and I'm not familiar with C debugging. Anyone have
any pointers or suggestions of things to try?

Thanks a ton,


Peter Abrahamsen Seattle, Washington, USA
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