[linux] The Beginnings of a Wiki, Get a Free Book, Registration Stuff, and Meetings

Richard Lotz rlotz at u.washington.edu
Thu Sep 25 12:08:14 PDT 2003

* LinuxUG Wiki

After fighting with KWiki last night, and not wanting to deal with PHP
on the student servers (for phpwiki), I decided to just use MoinMoin.
It also supports RSS feeds without any additional plugins. It's
beginning are linked from the index page or available here:
http://students.washington.edu/ . If you're unfamiliar with Wikis then
read the help pages and spend some time on the SeattleWireless Wiki (
http://seattlewireless.net/ ). After that please start adding material
to the page! I'd like have a collection of book reviews and howto's.
Especially include anything that's relevant to *nix use at the UW. I'm
going to continue working on some of the WikiStructure (which I'll try
documenting on that page) so that there's some cohesion to the site.

* FreeBook

I'd like to keep the pages a light color, if anyone wants to create a
logo (to replace the MoinMoin one) that incorporates BSD, Linux, and
the UW I'll give you a signed copy of _Building Community Wireless
Networks_ (fisrt ed.). I'll even get Rob to sign it for you. In the
event that I get multiple submissions the LUG can vote on their
favorite, and the winner gets the book. The file should be a .PNG of a
high enough resolution to reproduce on an 8x11 sheet of paper w/ a
transparent or light (white, creme, grey?) background. Make sure that
you follow any and all rules and guidelines when using other people's
images. Some where there is a guide on how you can use the UW logo in
your images...it might be in the archive.

See the current logo (for ideas):

* SAO Registration

It's that time again, I need 4(?) signatures from people in the group
to make us official again. I'd really like a sophomore (you might
freshman work too) that wants to take over the group next year. I'll
expect any freshman or sophomore to attend the SAO orientation so
he/she knows what stuff is available to the group and can start taking
over some of the organization. With any luck I won't be taking classes
next fall. (But you never know...)

Anyone that signed last year gets first option to refuse. Officers
that want to help out and lead a meeting are greatly appreciated.

* Meetings

Yeah, we do have a few of them. I've got two on the agenda, an intro
to the MoinMoin Wiki, and how to build a low-cost SeattleWireless node
w/ PebbleLinux ( http://www.nycwireless.net/pebble/ ) and scrap
hardware. If anyone is interested I can give an intro on installing,
and maintaining an OpenBSD system. If it happens before 3.4 comes out
then a later meeting can be "How to upgrade and OpenBSD system".

So thats two, potentially three or four meeting topics. If anyone else
has ideas let me know. I'd like to schedule the MoinMoin into for the
second week of school (or sooner). If people want to tell me when they
prefer the meeting then respond directly to me, w/ "lug schedule' in
the subject.

The SeattleWireless node setup needs to happen ASAP. It's mostly going
to be a demo of how to install Pebble, some discussion of the
SeattleWireless netework, and perhaps wireless in general. The node is
going up on Capitol Hill, but the meeting will be on campus. I'll
update the group once I've got all the hardware together and have a
room scheduled.


Richard Lotz
GPG Key: http://students.washington.edu/rlotz/key.txt
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