[linux] configuring VSFTPD

M. Zabtoo m_zabtoo at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 27 08:01:07 PDT 2003

Dear All:
I have just join this list, akaaa come with a question for you. I have just started learning LINUX. Now I want to enable ftp on my server of RH 8. I have download and install vsftpd and install it.
I can see chkconfig --list that vsftpd is ON. nothing know how to configure it. However it acceppt /usr/local/vsftpd &.

but when i write
ftp 10021a message come i.e.
500 OOPS: vsftpd: security: 'one_process_model' is anonymous only
can any give my tip so i am to ftp my linux box

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