[linux] Linux modem problem.

billwinn at u.washington.edu billwinn at u.washington.edu
Mon Sep 29 11:36:22 PDT 2003

I'm returning to Linux after a long hiatus, and have just installed Red Hat 9.0 on a Dell machine. I need connect to the Internet via dialup. My modem (not a winmodem) is on COM3 on the Windows side - I assume that is /dev/ttyS2 in Linux, (though I have the same problem with ttyS0 and ttyS1). I have followed all of the setup and configuration instructions, for the modem and for minicom, without difficulty or error messages. When I try to dial up using minicom, I see a message saying the modem is initializing, and after a couple of seconds that it is dialing the number. After that, nothing! I don't hear a dial tone or dialing, and eventually it times out without connecting.

Any hints about where I might have gone wrong would be most welcome. I'm sure I have overlooked something pretty basic.


Bill Winn

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