[linux] Quicktime plugin in Linux (w/o Crossover)

Andrew Gorcester andrewsg at eml.cc
Tue Sep 30 07:49:31 PDT 2003

Has anyone gotten Quicktime to work in Mozilla or Galeon? I expect
Crossover Plugin would work, but aside from that mplayerplug-in is
supposed to have this functionality as well.

I have mplayer 1.0pre-something and I just d/led mplayerplug-in (the
tarball on sourceforge, not CVS). Not only does the mplayer plugin
generally not work (it shows text but never plays anything, and I know
that mplayer works fine on the same file if I invoke it manually), but
my browser crashes on my class page
(https://depts.washington.edu/llc/olr/chinese/CHI_010/index.html, access
to UW students/staff only) when I have the plugin loaded.

Anyway, I was hoping for some success stories (and for someone to tell
me how they did it). I have galeon 1.3.9 and debian-unstable, but I'm
willing to downgrade galeon or use mozilla if it will work with another


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