[linux] x-windows problems-please help

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Mon Dec 6 17:19:13 PST 2004

So I'm assuming a few things... please correct me if I'm wrong anyone:
You're running X11 forwarding on the servers, and it appears as if you
are probably running gdm based on the printout about gconf being used, with
setuid root (hence the uid being 0). I'm not 100% sure about the gdm part
because I choose not to run gdm on the basis that it's easier for me to just
use TightVNC tunneled through SSH.
Using those assumptions, I have a few questions:
a) How are you trying to login? An SSH terminal? Also what terminal
might that be, what arguments are you giving it, or if you're using
something close to Putty, what are you clicking for options/settings?
b) Have any recent updates been performed on the server via the Redhat
c) Have you tried finding relevant logs for the authentication program?
You should look at the logs given in either
1. /var/log/gdm
2. The relevant X log file in /var/log/ (pretty sure that the server is
running XFree86, but then again I can't be sure after the changeover to Xorg
with Gentoo at least within the past half-year)
3. /var/log/messages (your best bet since it would output any kernel
related errors).
and print out the logs, maybe excluding any information which could be
incriminating, etc.
Also as a sidenote, one thing that confuses me is that your first pamd
auth failed and your Kerberos authentication succeeded, but then again I've
never messed around with Kerberos authentication from a so I'm not sure
exactly how that works. Someone else on the list can most likely clarify
that a little more.
Finally, if you are using Kerberos to login having the client's and
server's time sync'ed to the UW's time servers (or the same time server for
that matter) is very important, else authentication would most likely fail
since the system clocks might be skewed.
Hope this helps!
Unemployed student at large =).

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Subject: [linux] x-windows problems-please help

> I can connect remotely to my Red Hat Enterprise workstation machines, I


> log in locally in init level 3, but when I attempt use the x-windows log


> I get a nice blue screen (not a BSD) and have mouse ability but the full

> desktop never comes up. Below is the text from /var/log/messages.


> I am confused why it says uid=0 and my pid is not 1221.


> I have my Red Hat boxes set up to authenticate to the UW servers (don't


> if this is relevant).


> Dec 6 13:20:51 babysbreath gdm(pam_unix)[1091]: authentication failure;

> logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=:0 ruser= rhost= user=lrees

> Dec 6 13:20:53 babysbreath gdm-binary[1091]: pam_krb5: authentication

> succeeds for `lrees'

> Dec 6 13:20:54 babysbreath gdm(pam_unix)[1091]: session opened for user

> lrees by (uid=0)

> Dec 6 13:20:55 babysbreath gconfd (lrees-1221): starting (version 2.2.1),

> pid 1221 user 'lrees'


> Thanks in advance for your help.


> Laurel E. Rees

> Senior Computer Specialist

> Dept. of Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics

> v:(206)616-0969

> lrees at u.washington.edu

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