[linux] x-windows problems-please help

Joshua Daniel Franklin joshuadf at u.washington.edu
Tue Dec 7 12:18:02 PST 2004

Laurel Rees wrote:

> I can connect remotely to my Red Hat Enterprise workstation machines, I can

> log in locally in init level 3, but when I attempt use the x-windows log in

> I get a nice blue screen (not a BSD) and have mouse ability but the full

> desktop never comes up. Below is the text from /var/log/messages.

Hmm, sounds like maybe:
* something weird in your $HOME/.xinitrc or similar
* the full desktop it's trying to start isn't installed (i.e., no GNOME)

You might backing up then deleting everything (especially hidden .files) in
your home directory and trying again. Also maybe make sure the GNOME stuff
is all installed with Red Hat's install tool. I think its
system-config-packages or System Settings->Add/Remove Applications. Oh, but
if you can't get a X login that won't work... you might try KDE from runlevel
3 with:

[username at localhost ~]$ export DESKTOP=kde
[username at localhost ~]$ startx

> I am confused why it says uid=0 and my pid is not 1221.

This just means that the application opening the X session
(gdm in this case) is running as root (uid=0) and its pid, or
"process ID", is 1221. Nothing to worry about, gdm has to run
as root in order to authenticate. I also think the pam_unix
failure is normal when using pam_krb5.

> I have my Red Hat boxes set up to authenticate to the UW servers (don't know

> if this is relevant).


> Dec 6 13:20:51 babysbreath gdm(pam_unix)[1091]: authentication failure;

> logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=:0 ruser= rhost= user=lrees

> Dec 6 13:20:53 babysbreath gdm-binary[1091]: pam_krb5: authentication

> succeeds for `lrees'

> Dec 6 13:20:54 babysbreath gdm(pam_unix)[1091]: session opened for user

> lrees by (uid=0)

> Dec 6 13:20:55 babysbreath gconfd (lrees-1221): starting (version 2.2.1),

> pid 1221 user 'lrees'

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