[linux] x-windows problems-please help

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Wed Dec 8 13:19:13 PST 2004

Like I suggested before, could you check the X log for errors or
warnings? I seriously wonder if it's an issue with X itself and not gnome.
Once again, the log would be /var/log/X[something].0.log or something along
those lines. This would be helpful in determining if it's an X issue, or a
gnome issue.

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> I tried the suggestion below of logging in at runlevel 3 then doing an

> export KDE and that wasn't successful. I get the same blank screen with

> mouse control that I did with gnome.


> I tried deleting everything in two different users' home directories, and

> again both users could not log in on the local machine with the gnome or


> window manager. Both users can log in at runlevel 3. Both users can


> remotely.


> When I am at the local machine and I log in as root I can use the gnome


> KDE window manager. There are no problems as root.


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> Laurel Rees wrote:

> > I can connect remotely to my Red Hat Enterprise workstation machines, I

> can

> > log in locally in init level 3, but when I attempt use the x-windows log

> in

> > I get a nice blue screen (not a BSD) and have mouse ability but the full

> > desktop never comes up. Below is the text from /var/log/messages.


> Hmm, sounds like maybe:

> * something weird in your $HOME/.xinitrc or similar

> * the full desktop it's trying to start isn't installed (i.e., no GNOME)


> You might backing up then deleting everything (especially hidden .files)


> your home directory and trying again. Also maybe make sure the GNOME stuff

> is all installed with Red Hat's install tool. I think its

> system-config-packages or System Settings->Add/Remove Applications. Oh,


> if you can't get a X login that won't work... you might try KDE from

> runlevel

> 3 with:


> [username at localhost ~]$ export DESKTOP=kde

> [username at localhost ~]$ startx



> > I am confused why it says uid=0 and my pid is not 1221.


> This just means that the application opening the X session

> (gdm in this case) is running as root (uid=0) and its pid, or

> "process ID", is 1221. Nothing to worry about, gdm has to run

> as root in order to authenticate. I also think the pam_unix

> failure is normal when using pam_krb5.


> > I have my Red Hat boxes set up to authenticate to the UW servers (don't

> know

> > if this is relevant).

> >

> > Dec 6 13:20:51 babysbreath gdm(pam_unix)[1091]: authentication failure;

> > logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=:0 ruser= rhost= user=lrees

> > Dec 6 13:20:53 babysbreath gdm-binary[1091]: pam_krb5: authentication

> > succeeds for `lrees'

> > Dec 6 13:20:54 babysbreath gdm(pam_unix)[1091]: session opened for user

> > lrees by (uid=0)

> > Dec 6 13:20:55 babysbreath gconfd (lrees-1221): starting (version


> > pid 1221 user 'lrees'



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