[linux] Support for OSes with programs

jeffrey alan frasca phaedrus at u.washington.edu
Sun Dec 12 19:23:47 PST 2004

I'm quite happily running Slackware 10.0.

The only packages that Slack doesn't package which you've listed
are firefox and mplayer. It comes with mozilla 1.7 by default,
but works just fine with firefox 1.0 (I downloaded the binary off
of the mozilla.org site, and it runs without any problems).
Instead of mplayer, Slack packages xine.

All these packages are the latest stable versions as of about
May/June. If you want more current, you can upgrade to the current
tree (but that comes with the normal warnings for running the test
version of a distro...). The default kernel is a 2.4 kernel, but
you can just drop in a 2.6 kernel no problem.

It's Slackware, so it's solid. I've only had mild problems with my
video drivers---but I'm still using a 3dfx voodoo 3, and the drivers
are unmaintained.

If you're still having problems with Gentoo, you might want to give
it a whirl.



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On Sun, 12 Dec 2004, Garrett Cooper wrote:

> Just wondering what the support's looking like (mostly how recent are the available versions) for some of the binary distributions (Slackware, Debian Sarge, NOT Redhat, Fedora, or Mandrake though) in terms of supporting Gaim, Firefox, Xorg, KDE/Gnome/XFCE, mplayer, and xmms. I'm just having a lot of random issues with Gentoo as of late and wanted to see what other available options there were other than going back to Windows.

> -Garrett

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