[linux] Re: Linux Users Group Registration

Joshua Daniel Franklin joshuadf at u.washington.edu
Tue Dec 14 00:08:55 PST 2004

Robert Hagg wrote:

> Has the group settled on a time and place for the meeting?

Due to the poor timing, I think it would be best to just have a
"virtual meeting" right here. :)

Here's my two cents:

Mostly, I just want the LUG to be a psuedo-social forum to
report cool things and bounce ideas off each other, and
be a place for anyone interested to ask questions.

Things I'd like to do would be
--a Free Software CD giveaway (maybe HUB booth)
--resurrect the linuxug website as something useful
--publicize existing usage around campus

Anyone know anything about professional CD duplication
or LUG giveaway packages?

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> Dejan Nikic wrote:


> >It's kind of a crappy week to be doing meetings in :).

> >

> >

> Indeed, I'm assuming a good number of us have finals. I, for one, have

> one at 2:30pm on Tues.


> -peter

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