[linux] Support for OSes with programs

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Tue Dec 14 22:39:07 PST 2004

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the support and comments. I'll use them
later when I try out another distro or BSD.
The issue was stemming from the new kernel patches in the gentoo
development sources I believe, and the fact that every time I exited from X
my computer would do a hard crash on me, ie it was unpingable, not able to
SSH in, etc, it was a pain in the neck to work with to say the least. I
reverted to an older version of their patched 2.6.9 kernel and it appears to
be running quite smoothly now, and plus since I started from scratch and
bootstrapped my system completely I have very little used space on my root
drive and everything is running as expected, if not better than it was
previously. Plus I reinstalled KDE so I'm following that path now happily
tweaking away with the DO_NOT_COMPILE variable (since I can't remove the
branches in KDE that I don't want, but I can effectively tell my ebuil not
to compile them).
Anyhow, thanks again!

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