[linux] Kill Exchange!

Aaron Grewell AGrewell at uwb.edu
Mon Dec 20 10:24:33 PST 2004

I don't know of any scripts to do this exactly. I would probably do it
like so:
1) Create a special user account that has rights to all mailboxes
2) Enable IMAP support
3) Write a script that authenticates to each mailbox in turn and
downloads the contents in either mbox or maildir format, as you prefer.
Both Perl and Python should do this without a lot of drama, since there
are loads of e-mail modules on CPAN and Python (as it often does) comes
with the necessary functions out of the box.

A simpler but more labor-intensive approach would be to open all the
mailboxes in Thunderbird or Mozilla Mail, then copy their mail to local
folders. Once that's done you'll have an mbox for each folder the user

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 15:28 -0800, zanfur at zanfur.com wrote:

> The Exchange 5.5 installation here at work and I have both sworn solemn

> oaths to meet in battle unto death. Killing Exchange is easy: Just pull

> the plug. The problem, and the shield that Exchange keeps using to block

> my attempts at the power plug, is that users REALLY like their archived

> mail.


> To that end, I'm looking for the magic sword that will slice through that

> shield like a hot knife through butter. I need a utility (or string of

> utilities) that will take an Exchange 5.5 Store and onvert it to something

> else -- anything else, but preferably something unix-y. Do any of my

> fellow *nix compatriots know of such a program? I have googled, but to no

> avail.


> Paying for it is not out of the question, but we have 70+ mailboxes so a

> "per mailbox" price isn't such a good solution for us. Free is better, of

> course, even if it means I have to script it myself.


> Cheers!

> -robin


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