[linux] using VPN in Debian

David Fetrow fetrow at apl.washington.edu
Mon Mar 1 12:25:33 PST 2004

It's important to find out which VPN they are talking

There are about a million schemes (Slight exaggeration
but not by much).

If it's a Windows shop it is probably PPTP which is
rarely blocked by ISP's and only mildly aweful to
set up. As VPN's go, that isn't too bad.

If you also run a router/packetfilter on your home you
will need to make sure it is passing the packets too.

PPTP/CHAPv2 is not exactly high-quality encryption but
is much better than the Captain Midnight Decoder Ring that was

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On Sat, 28 Feb 2004, Avram Eisner wrote:

> Hi All,

> I would like to VPN into the Ischool network using my Debian distro. The only

> information that the Ischool homepage gives is the VPN server hostname. Does

> anyone know what program I should use to do this, and what other

> configuration information that I may need? Thanks in advance for any

> responses.

> -Avram


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