[linux] Fastest Fat32 Backup?

Brian Parkhurst brianp at u.washington.edu
Tue Mar 2 21:54:07 PST 2004

Burn a copy of knoppix (redhat.cac.washington.edu) boot to the CD and try
accessing the files from there.

I'm not certain if knoppix has builtin fat32 support or not though.. so you
could just try mounting the disks and see....

otherwise you can try the dd route.
dd if=source device of=destination device bs=32

Destination can be just a file(that is the size of the entire partition).
You could then mount that file via the loopback interface on a linux/freebsd
box that does have fat32 available.

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From: "Garrett Cooper" <youshi10 at u.washington.edu>
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Subject: [linux] Fastest Fat32 Backup?

> Hey all,

> I was just wondering what the fastest possible means of backing up


> files with EUC-JP encoding is possible. I am stuck since I am trying to

> transfer files from a Windows ME machine that's gone tail-up and I don't

> have the ability to just reformat/install over since I get MBR errors


> ntldr isn't setup properly. I know it can be done with Linux/FreeBSD from

> rescue CDs, but I just don't know which way is fastest, or if I can do it.

> Also, would this be a good time to look into dd? I have 2 partitions, so I

> can play around moving data from here to there. Also, I tried the Debian

> rescue disk via BusyBox mounting with EUC-JP encoding as an option, but it

> said invalid argument.

> Thanks, and if I left anything out, please reply back and I'll clarify

> some more.

> Garrett



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