[linux] Fastest Fat32 Backup?

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Wed Mar 3 02:51:32 PST 2004

Still no dice with Knoppix. I have been trying for 2 hours now and it's not
working capt ;(. Time for MandrakeMove...

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> You could use one of the CD-bootable distros like Knoppix or

> MandrakeMove. MandrakeMove even lets you unmount the

> CD again once you are booted, so you could use it for saving

> your data if necessary.


> Linux really should not care about the encoding of files, or

> even file names on a filesystem. It's just another string-of-bytes.

> There was, in fact, a recent discussion of exactly this point on

> the linux kernel mailing list if you want to hunt it up. The linux

> kernel, and the filesystem support, is agnostic with regard to

> character encoding.


> Hang on a moment, I'll test it.... Nope, no problem. I can copy

> files with Japanese-encoded filenames onto a FAT formatted

> memory stick. They show up as expected, and read out normally.

> Of course in order to see that it's working you need a suitable

> terminal; I'm using kterm.


> So I can see no reason why you couldn't boot to linux and

> then either tar off your data, burn it to CDROM, or send it

> off over the net to a destination of your choice.



> On Tuesday 02 March 2004 09:22 pm, Garrett Cooper wrote:

> > Hey all,

> > I was just wondering what the fastest possible means of backing up

> > FAT32 files with EUC-JP encoding is possible. I am stuck since I am


> > to transfer files from a Windows ME machine that's gone tail-up and I


> > have the ability to just reformat/install over since I get MBR errors


> > ntldr isn't setup properly. I know it can be done with Linux/FreeBSD


> > rescue CDs, but I just don't know which way is fastest, or if I can do


> > Also, would this be a good time to look into dd? I have 2 partitions, so


> > can play around moving data from here to there. Also, I tried the Debian

> > rescue disk via BusyBox mounting with EUC-JP encoding as an option, but


> > said invalid argument.

> > Thanks, and if I left anything out, please reply back and I'll


> > some more.

> > Garrett


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