[linux] Linux Acrobat Reader crashes on failed search?

RL 'Bob' Morgan rlmorgan at washington.edu
Tue Mar 30 09:58:32 PST 2004

I'm running RedHat 9 on an IBM Thinkpad X31 laptop, and have the following
annoying problem using Adobe Acrobat Reader (now called just Adobe
Reader?) 5.08, which is the latest Linux version as far as I can tell.
When I search for some text and the search fails, I get a "text not found"
box and the program crashes. This is really a drag since I do a lot of
reading of pdf documents these days and often have a bunch of them open at
once. I have observed this problem across several versions of Reader,
since at least 4.0, across several RH releases, so it isn't specific to
the current combo.

So I'm curious if others also are experiencing this problem, and if
there's a workaround. Google was unhelpful.

(And just in case someone wants to suggest it, xpdf, while fine for some
things, is not the answer here. Too many pdfs I have don't work with it,


- RL "Bob"

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