[linux] GSLUG Lunch this Tuesday (Northgate)

Brian Gershon briang at ragingweb.com
Sun Oct 3 10:13:45 PDT 2004

Hey Avrum,

Actually, that's the cool thing about the lunches - no
Linux experience required to attend or host one - just
need a time and location.

It's a way to meet other people, and chat about anything
Linux, ranging from "What is it?" to "Would you like to
work with me to setup a web server?"

Once you setup an initial lunch (with maybe a very basic
agenda to get things rolling), the group can pick a
reoccurring date, location, etc that works best for them.

(That's the beauty of decentralized - you don't need a
huge group of people in one spot to be successful, nor do
you necessarily need gurus - though it's very nice when
they're there!)

I think it does take someone to make sure this happens
each month - which is basically sending an email out.
That's what I've been doing...


> Whoops, should have noticed that was an email from GSLUG.

> Anyway, I would love to attend a Linux meeting at the

> campus, but I

> don't think I'm quite qualified to host a meeting - I'm

> still a real

> newb to the whole Linux world.

> -Avram


> Steve Herber wrote:


>>Because some of us work for the UW at Northgate and

>> because GSLUG normally

>>meets at North Seattle Community College which is just

>> across I5 from

>>Northgate. Can you host a meeting on campus?






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