[linux] comments/experiences with X.org

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at u.washington.edu
Mon Oct 4 22:16:26 PDT 2004

Hey Jon,
I just installed xorg and it's about the same difficulty to install as
xfree86, even with the nvidia and opengl drivers. However, with gentoo's
opengl-update, things were quite simple to fix in terms of nvidia. I also
didn't emerge the nvidia-kernel ebuild, but got the binary package directly
from nvidia.com.

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> Hello all,


> I'm curious if anyone is using X.org, and has comments about their

> experience. Is it better than xfree? More/less difficult to install

> properly? Has anyone changed from xfree to x.org? Problems or easy? Any

> issues with OpenGL, or nvidia drivers?



> thanks

> Jonathan


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