[linux] Meetings this year

Richard M. Lotz rlotz at cac.washington.edu
Tue Oct 19 09:53:05 PDT 2004

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004, Evan Martin wrote:


> Before we left, Richard and I managed steps, uh, one through two. But

> somehow two was never completed. (I'm a little surprised this list

> still exists, even...)


Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the group registration completed before
I ceased being an official student. I'd love to see the RSO revive
itself, if there is anything I can assist with I'd be happy to. Bringing
the RSO back will revive the RSO webpage
<http://students.washington.edu/linuxug/> and allow room reservations

I believe I submitted an updated group constitution last time I registered
the group. It may be due for an update again, but you can get the old
copy from SAO and revise it.

The list will always remain independent of the RSO group. It'll continue
to exist until someone requests it removed. Right now Evan and I are
still administrators, though I'm happy to add the new group officers when
its created.


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