[linux] A linux distro for my Athlon64

David Fetrow fetrow at apl.washington.edu
Mon Oct 25 15:36:16 PDT 2004

Gentoo is a great candidate for a machine of this class
but is the admin small enough to make it worthwhile?
It sounds like this may be a "fooling around with linux"
installation where minimal admin time could be important.

I honestly don't know how much time it takes to keep
Gentoo updated.

I do have an Athlon64 recently purchased from CompuCare.
I run Debian Testing on it. SATA no probem.

Debian has particuarly painless binary updates.

Debian is weirdly tri-furcated (actually it's way more complicated
than that of course but let's not get too weird):

Stable is always trailing edge, even when newly released.

Testing is on the way to be the new stable but security iffy.

Unstable is still pretty darn stable but more up-to-date
(still not cutting edge).

..and of course Knoppix (Debian based) is a defensible choice for
install-and-nearly-forget crowd.

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