[linux] A linux distro for my Athlon64

Doug McLean dougmc at u.washington.edu
Mon Oct 25 15:42:56 PDT 2004

Hi David,

I think Debian might be a good option (which is ironic considering I
criticized Debian in past posts) but it looks like they have no port for
amd64 according to:


On a happy note, FreeBSD 5.3 is coming out tomorrow, so I may give that a
shot, and failing that, maybe gentoo.

Doug McLean
CSS Systems Administrator
University of Washington, Bothell

Meanwhile, in Gotham, David Fetrow wrote:


> Gentoo is a great candidate for a machine of this class

> but is the admin small enough to make it worthwhile?

> It sounds like this may be a "fooling around with linux"

> installation where minimal admin time could be important.


> I honestly don't know how much time it takes to keep

> Gentoo updated.


> I do have an Athlon64 recently purchased from CompuCare.

> I run Debian Testing on it. SATA no probem.


> Debian has particuarly painless binary updates.


> Debian is weirdly tri-furcated (actually it's way more complicated

> than that of course but let's not get too weird):


> Stable is always trailing edge, even when newly released.


> Testing is on the way to be the new stable but security iffy.


> Unstable is still pretty darn stable but more up-to-date

> (still not cutting edge).


> ..and of course Knoppix (Debian based) is a defensible choice for

> install-and-nearly-forget crowd.


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