[linux] A linux distro for my Athlon64

Michael Frank msfrank at u.washington.edu
Mon Oct 25 16:59:55 PDT 2004

Doug McLean wrote:

> It's funny you mention that, I was looking at it earlier today. I had

> dismissed it as just another no-name distro, but maybe I'll look into it.


> (Not that I am trying to disrepect smaller distros anyway...I just don't

> have time to play with them)

I felt the same way initially, but once ubuntu got so much press from
slashdot and LWN I decided to give it a go. from what i understand,
some of the major players in the debian, gnome and freedesktop
communities have been hired to work on the distro. its basically just
debian with a more refined and up-to-date package set. Coming from
slackware I was personally pretty impressed with how well everything
just worked (tm) out of the box (ugh probably the most overused
statement when reviewing linux distros but its true). Anyhoo, my point
is, i think ubuntu is going to become much more than "just another
no-name distro"; it might emerge as a major player in the linux desktop


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