[linux] Enlightenment, anyone =)?

Travis Saling trav at myuw.net
Tue Oct 26 13:47:17 PDT 2004

> Just curious if anyone was running Enlightenment and what file

> management tool they were using (ie like Konqueror, Nautilus, etc). Of

> course I tried to get an ebuild for efm (Enlightenment file manager)

> but it wasn't listed...

I've got E 16.7 on my Fedora Core 2 box at home. I'm running it as the
window manager out of Gnome session - I didn't used to do that since E
doesn't really need that overhead, but I can't figure out how to get E
to launch by itself with the newest gdm. :-)

But to answer your question, I use nautilus with the "draw desktop"
option disabled.


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