[linux] Enlightenment, anyone =)?

Andrew Spott spott at u.washington.edu
Tue Oct 26 14:51:50 PDT 2004

while i don't use keybindings, nor emacs... i to am an avid keyboard
user, even more so now that i've got a laptop and the touchpad is a pain
in the ass to use

btw... would you mind posting your keybindings.cfg file? I would like
to see it.



David Talkington wrote:

> Garrett Cooper wrote:


> >> Just curious if anyone was running Enlightenment and what file

> management tool they were using (ie like Konqueror, Nautilus, etc). Of

> course I tried to get an ebuild for efm (Enlightenment file manager)

> but it wasn't listed...

> >> -Garrett



> I've used "E" almost exclusively for years. Oh, I'm occasionally

> seduced by the latest slick interfaces in Gnome and KDE, but it

> usually only lasts a month or so before I get tired of clumsy

> workarounds for all the fingertip flexibility that keybindings.cfg

> gives me. I'm not a point-click kind of guy; it's much more efficient

> to keep my hands ON the keyboard at all times ... from which you may

> infer the answer to your file management question: bash. :)


> Two things I must have before I can work on a new system: my .emacs

> and my .enlightenment/keybindings.cfg.


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